Saturday, August 8, 2009

5 Indications We're Growing Spiritually


We are either moving forward in our relationship with Christ or backsliding. There is no inbetween. How do we know when we are growing in Christ? Listed below are 5 indications that we should have if we growing spiritually.
1. A deep desire to know God.
If we are maturing in our faith then we can be sure that we will have a yearning to come to know God better. We will look forward to Sunday morning service, our daily devotions, and just spending time with Him.
2. Awareness of our sinfulness.
As we grow closer to Christ we begin to be more aware of our sinfulness and our desperate need for Him. We will find ourselves not able to tolerate the sins we used to commit so easily. We will want to live a Holy life pleasing to God.
3. The desire to know His word.
God’s uses the Bible to speak to us. Without God’s word in our lives it is impossible to grow spiritually. God’s word teaches us the character of God and the plan He has for our lives. We should make reading God’s word a priority in our daily life.
4. A quick, repentant spirit.
When we are growing spiritually, we will find that when we stumble, we will confess our sin quickly and then turn for it. Sin seperates us from a close relationship with God.
5. Daily reliance on the Holy Spirit.
When we are growing spiritually we will find ourselves relying on the Holy Spirit. We will be more concerned with God’s will instead of our own and will make every effort to be sensitive to the Spirit’s calling for our life.

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