Saturday, August 8, 2009

As a homemaker there are many days where I feel that I haven’t accomplished a single thing. So often it seems like I am spending the entire day chasing after the wind trying to keep the house in order. I find that when my house is clean I actually feel a sense of peace, although it only lasts about 10 minutes or until the baby spits up the carrots I fed her for lunch. It makes me wonder, for whom do I clean house for? For my family, for God, for myself? Sadly, I often do it because it makes me feel like I’ve "accomplished" something and so it will appear that I’ve "done something" when my husband comes home from work. But does God really care if my house is spotless? I’ve heard the saying "cleanliness is next to Godliness." Some actually think this is written in the Bible, but it’s not. I believe that God is pleased with right motives. When I clean to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of doing it to make our home a haven for my family and to serve God, then I am doing it with wrong motives. Only true peace and a sense of accomplishment comes from a personal relationship with Jesus and a heart that serves God out of love.

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