Saturday, August 8, 2009

Power of Words

We’ve all said words that we later regret, but sadly words once spoken can’t ever be taken back. God says that our words have the power to bring life or death. We will all reap the harvest of our words whether it be good fruit or bad. The tongue is a small part of our body yet most of us have a terrible time bridling our tongue. The same mouth that praises God in Sunday morning service is the same mouth cursing, gossiping, complaining, slandering, or taking God’s name in vain on Monday morning. In Luke 6:45 God says that our speech is the overflow of one’s heart. In other words if you are filled with bitterness, jealousy, greed or any other ungodly emotion then it will eventually come out in the words you speak. What words have you spoke this week? Were they words that encourage or discourage, words that build up or tear down? Matthew 12:36 says that we will all have to give an account one day for every careless word that we have spoken. God has really convicted me lately about my own speech, times when my emotions get the best of me and I say things I shouldn’t say. It’s ironic how the ones we often hurt with our words are the one’s we actually care the most about. Our words can actually tell us a lot about our heart’s condition. Let’s strive to keep our speech seasoned with salt and full of grace.

Luke 6:45
Proverbs 18:21
James 3:10-12
Colossians 4:6
Matthew 12:36
James 3:4
James 3:6-7

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