Friday, August 7, 2009


I’m sure we would all agree that prayer is important, but how often do we spend time praying? God actually tells us to “pray without ceasing.” Does that mean we’re supposed to be on our knees, eyes closed, hands clasped, heads bowed at all times? That would be simply impossible, but what does God mean by praying without ceasing? Their really isn’t a handbook of rules to follow when praying. The only thing God desires is to have a real and personal relationship with us through prayer. We can pray without ceasing when we include God in every aspect of our lives. When you’re out for a walk and you see a beautiful sunset you can tell God how thankful you are for all His creation.When you pull in your drive after arriving safely home from work, thank God for his protection. When you need help making a decision, pray for God’s guidance and wisdom. Thank God, praise God, ask God, seek God, find God through prayer.

Prayer Part 2:
Praying without ceasing is important, but it’s also important to set aside time that is spent just you and God where you come to Him for guidance and intercession. Prayer is defined as talking with God, but prayer has more functions than just conversation. Prayer is:

Powerful- God hears the prayers of the righteous! So many times we have not because we ask not. God desires to bless His children, but how many times do we not even ask for His blessings? If we have a worry, frustration, or problem we are so quick to call a friend and ask for their advice before ever coming to God.

Purposeful- Prayer helps us stay in God’s will and keeps our focus on eternity and the purpose of our lives. Prayer also changes the hearts and circumstances of those we pray for. We may not always see the impact our prayers or the prayers of others, but you can be assured that the impact is great!

Pleasing to God- Prayer pleases God. God desires a personal relationship with each one of us, but we can’t expect to have a relationship with no communication. Prayer helps us grow more intimate with the Lord. What would your relationships look like without little or no communication? God is pleased when we come to Him first for guidance and direction.

Privilege- Praying is a privilege. Prayer shouldn’t be something we look at as another duty or obligation. We should look at prayer as a privilege! We get to pray to God Almighty, the God of the universe and he actually hears our prayers and wants to bless us abundantly! How fortunate we all are to have a God who pursues us, loves us, and desires a close relationship with us!

Key Verses:James 5:13-18Romans 8:26Ephesians 3:201 John 5:14-151 Thessalonians 5:16-18Matthew 6:5-8Luke 18:9-14Mark 11:22-25John 14:13-14

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