Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Return To Your First Love

Sometimes we are so busy "doing" that we neglect just "being". Yes, we are supposed to serve God, but we're not to be so wrapped up in serving that we neglect spending time with God praying and seeking His will. Let your service be out of love for God and not out of habit or duty. I wrote the poem below at a time in my life when I felt guilty because I wasn't serving as often because I had 2 kids and a baby on the way that took up most of my time. God helped me see that I needed to seek Him first and realize that this is just a "season of my life". God helped me realize that serving Him can be done in countless ways I've never even considered.

Can you hear My still, small voice whispering your name?
We used to be so close, but now things aren’t the same.
You used to seek Me every morning before the rising sun and as the evening closes before your day is done.
You say that your are serving Me by all the deeds you do, but I don’t want your service, what I want is you.
Your acts are out of duty thinking you are earning favor instead of working out of love for the One you made your Savior.
Your works are filthy rags when done apart from Me,
how much life will be lived wasted before you start to see?
My plans for you aren’t burdensome, my yoke’s not hard to bear, your voice I long to hear again calling out to Me in prayer.
Close your eyes and listen for it’s then that you will see,
Your loving Savior Jesus calling out to thee.

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