Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Wasters

Have you ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? The responsibilities we have as a wife and mother can often feel overwhelming; especially if we’re not using our time wisely. I know I am definitely guilty of this. We live in a day and age where there is countless distractions that can easily woo us and steal our time and energy away from what really matters. Time is a gift. We only have one life to live and every second, every breath should count. If you are finding yourself overwhelmed because you’re not able to keep up with the everyday demands of being a wife and mother ask God to show you the “time wasters” you have in your life that you need to weed out to make time for what really matters. Some time wasters that I have found in my own life is spending to much time on the computer (checking email, facebook, twitter), talking on the phone, reading books, saying “yes” to projects that I should really be saying “no” to, watching t.v., and sometimes just the act of being to busy. God never told us to be busy, but to be fruitful. I have learned that just because my phone rings doesn’t mean that I have to answer it. I have caller id so I can easily go over who called at a later time. Sometimes time wasters can be disguised as something good, but not be good in the particular season of your life. I remember spending a lot of my time reading christian books. Although there is nothing wrong with reading christian books, I was neglecting my housework, cooking meals for my family, and spending quality time with my husband. If we are neglecting the needs of ourselves, our families, or others then we need to carefully consider how we are spending each hour of our days. Don’t let the world ever fool you into thinking that motherhood isn’t a sacred calling that we should take seriously. Caring for the needs of our family is never a waste of time. We will all be held responsible before God how we nurtured our children and loved our husbands. How we spend our time should be an investment. Time spent living for self is time wasted.
Time spent living to glorify God, loving and serving others reaps eternal rewards. Ask God to help you discern the season of life that you are in and how you can weed out the time wasters that steal the gift of time.

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