Thursday, February 25, 2010

Facebook- More Harm Than Good?

Yes, I have a facebook. I mean, who doesn’t? Eat, sleep, facebook. It’s a way of life anymore. Lately I have felt the Lord convict me about my facebook which has made me ask myself many questions. Does my facebook glorify the Lord? Does facebook cause me to think praiseworthy things or produce spiritual fruit in my life? Is facebook a good way to spend the precious time that God has given me? I’m starting to wonder if having facebook in my life does more harm than good. I find myself griping about not having enough time in my day, but somehow I still found time to facebook. Hmmm. Does facebook cause more harm than good?
I have found that Facebook is a great way to brag. I admit it, I have found myself on several occasions elaborating on things from my husband cleaning the house, making supper, giving me hour long massages, writing love poems, serenading me with love songs, chocolate, and rose petals… o.k. that’s going a little overboard, but you get my point. There’s nothing wrong with bragging on your spouse every once in awhile, but what about the wives on facebook whose husbands doesn’t do all those things? You know, all those less than perfect husbands out there. I can just hear the wives now “ so and so’s husband did this and did that for their wife.” “How come YOU never do those kinds of things.” Over the course of a month I actually got several phone calls, personal emails, messages about marriages that were “less than perfect” saying they wished they could have a marriage like mine. Then it hit me. A few status updates on facebook about my “angelic” husband and I somehow send the message to hundreds of my friends that my marriage is perfect! My status updates actually made other wives feel like their husbands were inadequate compared to mine. I never mention the less than perfect things my husband does or says, nor do I mention my own imperfections. I believe that facebook status updates often creates a false impression about the lives of others and is causing discontentment to take root in the hearts of many. I don’t think that people do this intentionally. (If you do, then you have bigger issues going on that you need to deal with.) Sometimes I put status updates of food I’m preparing for my family such as “making homemade sour-dough bread for supper.” Sounds like I’m quite the happy little homemaker doesn’t it? I didn’t mention how my bread was doughy on the inside, hard as a rock on the outside, and we fed it to the dogs did I?
I do want to apologize for the wrong impression I have given to the entire world;
(well, my 386 friends)… not that I’m counting or anything……
(Only 12 more and I’ll have 400 friends!) Wow, I’m so popular!! Hmmm, how many of those people have I actually talked to before? Well, I guess I did talk to her at the doctors office and talked to him when I went through the checkout line at Wally World. I guess that makes them praiseworthy to be called my “facebook friends.”
By the way, I wonder why my cousin still hasn‘t accepted my friend request? Hmmm, maybe she‘s still mad about the time I …. Oh nevermind. My mind started wandering again.
What really makes facebook so popular? Is it because we really want to keep in touch with friends? Or is it sometimes because we are just plain nosy, like to compare our lives with others, and have nothing better to do with our time? I mean, if our true reason was to keep in touch with friends can’t we just pick up our phones and give them a call, write them a letter, send them an email, or even invite them over to catch up on lost time?
I’m not trying to start a debate and don’t want any rude comments (don’t make me be-friend you on facebook) I’m just sharing my personal thoughts and am considering limiting my time spent on social networking sites. Life is to precious to worry about why someone be-friended me on facebook, why no one commented on the pictures of my kids or the note I tagged. Our worth doesn’t come from how many friends we have on face book, but on who we are in Jesus Christ. Spending time on Facebook or in God’s Book while Ellie is taking her nap? You can bet I’m going to start choosing God’s Book.


  1. Great post, Kristen!!! I've been wondering many of the same things!! I just can't seems to get everything done. If I skipped my 10 min. here and there on F.B., ... a lot more might could be done!!! Lord, help ME!!!

  2. Love it... Thanks for the encouragement... So true about the example of the bread... I never mention that I burnt the food and normally I do...



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