Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day Through The Eyes Of Ellie

Wake up and scream until mommy gets me.

Have tantrum while mommy tries to get me dressed because I want to stay in my jammies. How come mommy gets to stay in her jammies till almost lunch time, but I can’t?

Eat breakfast while rubbing oatmeal cereal through my hair and between my fingers while mommy makes her some breakfast. I then refuse to take any more bites until mommy resorts to singing the “itsy bitsy spider”. She thinks she is tricking me to eat my cereal, but I just like to hear her sing to me.

Play time! I wake up my dog Josie by pulling her hair, grabbing her tail, and giving her kisses. Puppy runs to mommy’s closet behind her clothes because she wants to show me her secret hideout. Puppy loves me so much that she growls at me to show she cares.

Oh look, mommy forgot to shut the laundry room door. I run as fast as I can and grab a handful of dog food and put it in my mouth. I know mommy will come quickly because she can hear the dog bowl moving around. Now that mommy cleaned the dog food out of my mouth I will now go in the hall bath while mommy cleans up the dog food that’s all over the floor. I unroll the toilet paper and flush the toilet several times. Here comes mommy again. She never wants me to have any fun. Mommy keeps telling me to play with my toys, but I think toys are boring. I learn so much more from exploring the house.

I then shake my sippy cup until milk is all over the hardwood floors and then play in it with my hands. I am painting a pretty picture of mommy and me. Mommy calls my painting a “mess”. That wasn’t very nice of her.

Mommy gives me some fruit loops for a snack. I love to eat each fruit loop half way and then spit them on the carpet to make rainbow colored carpet.

In time out in my room.

Mommy’s now on facebook. I wonder if she’s writing about me?

After mommy goes in the shower I know I must move fast because mommy takes extra short showers. I think it’s because she misses me. I throw mommy’s makeup in the toilet, unravel all of the dental floss, and tear up mommy’s foam curlers in tiny pieces. I then find the phone and attempt to call Grandma or perhaps China.

It’s lunch time! I eat half my lunch and throw the other half on the floor for the puppy to eat that way mommy thinks I ate it all.

Nap time! After playing all day I am getting really tired. I decide to take a nap until my mom decides to sit down for the first time all day. I think she gets really bored when I’m not around.

Go pick up brother and sister from school with mommy. Eat cheese crackers and crumble the rest of them in my car seat and on the floor of the van so mommy can vacuum. I think mommy loves to vacuum the van because she does it so often.

When we get home I bite mommy to let her know that I have new molars coming in. She doesn’t seem as happy as I thought she would be.

I then watch mommy make supper while I pull out all dishcloths, dishrags, pots, pans, ziplocks, seran wrap, and eat crumbs off the floor.

During suppertime I usually eat all my food because I’m pretty hungry after throwing half my lunch on the floor.

After supper we usually go outside as a family. I love having all of my family at home.

Right before bed I take my bath. After my bath mommy puts me in my jammies and gives me a bottle. She tells me that it’s night night time, but I’m not ready to go to sleep. I cry hoping mommy or daddy comes in my room and gives me another kiss. Sure enough, they do. I start to get tired and wonder if mommy is as tired as I am. After having such a busy day I close my eyes and go to sleep.

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