Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Potatoes and Peas Recipe

This is a great recipe that is easy to make and good with fresh garden red potatoes and peas! We didn't plant any peas this year, so I am going to use frozen peas this time. Here is the recipe:

1-1/2 lb. baby red potatoes, quartered
1-1/2 cup peas- fresh or frozen
8 teaspoon butter
diced onion- 1/4 cup
4 Tablespoons all-purpose flour
2 cups milk

Clean and cook potatoes in boiling water for 15-20 minutes or until tender; drain. Cook peas in boiling water for 7-8 minutes or till tender. Drain.
Using a saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Saute onions until tender. Stir in flour to make a thick paste; gradually whisk in milk, stirring constantly until slightly thickened. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Next add potatoes and peas to the sauce; simmer for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Serve immediately and enjoy home-made goodness!

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