Wednesday, August 18, 2010

12 New Things in 12 Months

For the next 12 Months, I'll be joining Sarah Mae at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee for 12New Things. It's all about mastering a new skill each month, and sharing our journey with others.

What a fun idea! I am so excited to join the fun!!

You can read the inspiration behind Sarah Mae's idea here, then go link up with your own unique list of 12 New Things at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee. The last Thursday of each month, link up again, sharing your results with the rest of us!)

Here is my list of 12 New Things:

August: Learn the art of making SOURDOUGH BREAD. I've made sourdough bread before, o.k... several times; although it never turns out how I'd like it. It is usually edible, but not something I would want any dinner guests to eat.

September: Make my own LAUNDRY DETERGENT and stretch my FABRIC SOFTENER. Several months ago I blogged about making my own dishwasher detergent and I am happy to say that I'm still using it and am very happy about it! My homemade detergent works just as well as the store brand if not better.

October: Begin MOTHER/DAUGHTER time doing a weekly lesson from Polished Cornerstones.

November: Learn more about PHOTOGRAPHY. I LOVE taking pictures, especially of my children. I bought a Cannon Rebel camera about a year ago and still haven't learned how to use it properly. This month I hope to see down and actually read the manual and maybe invest in a camera flash. Down the road I would love to be able to take quality, affordable pictures for families.

December: Learn to use our new SEWING MACHINE. I have no idea how to even thread a sewing machine so this will be interesting.

January: Start using ALL NATURAL CLEANERS around the house.

February: Make HERITAGE RECIPE BOOK for my daughter's hope chest.

March: Start teaching daughter PIANO LESSONS.

April: Learn how to make my own PIZZA CRUST
Anyone have any good recipes to share that is easy?

May: Take my two older kids OUT OF SCHOOL just for FUN! Go get icecream, go to the zoo... I want to do this as a surprise. Wake them up in the morning letting them think it's just another school day and then take them somewhere fun.

June: Go on a WEEKEND VACATION away from the kids!! My husband and I will be married 10 years this January and we have NEVER been away from the kids for a get away. This month my youngest daughter will be almost 2 1/2 so I think the Grandparents can handle the kids overnight. :)

July: Learn how to CROCHET my own WASHCLOTHS!


  1. Kathi,
    I am so happy to see that you are joining the link up...on the pizza I have a recipe that we use and it has never failed us..
    1tbsp yeast,1cup warm water (100-105 dgr)
    2 1/2 cups flour, 2tbsp Olive Oil, 1tsp salt,
    1tsp sugar...combine flour,salt,sugar..dissolve yeast in water..let yeast stand for 10min..then add your oil to flour mix. add yeast and kneed dough until smooth and elastic form into ball and let rise in greased bowl until doubled...divide risen dough in half and roll out makes 2 12 inch as desired and bake @ 450 for 15-20 min..I hope this one works for you as it has for us...we have to double the recipe because of the size of are family...

    I enjoyed reading your list..

  2. Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try it this week!



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