Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Feminization of the Family

The social institution that feminists have targeted as one of the most repressive to women is the traditional family. By “traditional family” we mean the family structure that developed in Western society under the direct influence of Christianity and the Bible. In the traditional family, the man is the head of the home and the one responsible for providing those things necessary for the sustenance of life. The woman is a “keeper at home,” and the one primarily responsible for the care of the children. The traditional family thus defined is in line with the biblical plan for the home. Feminists hate the family that is patterned after the Word of God because it is contrary to all that they accept as true. Thus, their goal is the total destruction of the traditional family. Feminist Roxanne Dunbar said it plainly: “Ultimately, we want to destroy the three pillars of class and caste [i.e., sexist] society — the family, private property, and the state.” Feminists seek the overthrow of the traditional family, and in its place they look for a radically different social institution that is shaped by feminist dogma.
The task of reconstructing the family according to God’s Word will also require the church to faithfully teach what the Bible says concerning the family, and, in many cases, to alter the structure of their church and ministry (which has also been feminized) to support the family rather than to undermine it. It will require pastors and elders who respect the covenantal institution of the family, and who will stop lording it over the family and persecuting the man who seeks to de-feminize his own family. It will demand pastors and elders who are an example to the flock by de-feminizing their own homes. And it will take teachers and preachers with the courage and conviction of John Knox and John Calvin to expose the poisonous lies of feminist dogma and to declare and defend the biblical pattern for the family from the pulpit.

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