Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To Teach What is Good- Free Download

To Teach What Is Good 8-Part Audio Series by Carolyn Mahaney {free download}

This series includes the following:

  1. A Fresh Look at Titus 2
  2. Loving My Husband
  3. Loving My Children
  4. Being Self-Controlled
  5. Being Pure
  6. Being Busy At Home
  7. Being Kind/Doing Good
  8. Being Subject to My Husband

Carolyn Mahaney offers an excellent 8-part audio series on the Sovereign Grace Ministries website that you can download for free. I ran across this series quite a few years ago and it was such a blessing to me. It is titled, “To Teach What Is Good.”It comes in a ZIP file that includes the 8 audios as well as outlines for each. This makes a wonderful study for any lady wanting to get back to God’s design for us as women.

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