Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homeschooling When Under the Weather

This winter has been rough on our family due to illness. We’ve been through two different flu bugs, the terrible cold, unexplained rashes, fevers, and viruses. Is it possible to still home school while under the weather? I believe it is. If I took a break from home schooling each time someone wasn’t feeling well, we wouldn’t be a home schooling family. ;) I’ve learned that home schooling shouldn’t be put in a box and that there are countless ways to home school even when we’re not all feeling well. Here are some suggestions we have found helpful in our family:

Most children lay on the couch and watch cartoons while they are sick. Why not watch something that is educational instead? We love the Drive Thru History series, which includes printable worksheets to reinforce what they’ve learned. We also subscribe to Netflix which has a wealth of educational movies to choose from. Some of my favorites are the Creatures that Defy Evolution series. As of now we only pay around 5.00 a month for 2 movies a month.

We absolutely LOVE Diana Waring’s History of the World series! We are currently learning about Ancient Civilizations. We also enjoy the Story of the World cd’s by Susan Wise Bauer!

Our Bible-
This is the one thing that we should do if we do nothing else. Take turns reading scripture to practice reading/phonic skills, look up definitions of words found in the Bible for a Language lesson, memorize scripture, look for geographic locations on your globe for a quick Geography lesson.

Turn on the answering machine, let the house go (it’s o.k, really) ;) and relax. Your work will be there tomorrow.
Sometimes we need to just rest so our body can heal. If we try to over extend ourselves we can end off feeling worse and be down for a longer amount of time.
Grab a warm cup of tea, an educational book, and your children and teach your children the value of relationships.

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