Thursday, February 16, 2012

Midnight Cry

Midnight Cry
By: Kristin Eason
Christ will come in glory to betroth His faithful Bride,
Men’s hearts will faint with terror and will seek a place to hide.

Every word in secret spoken, every deed will be revealed,
And the judgment will begin to those who are not sealed.

While the saints are heard rejoicing, those left will start to mourn,
For they didn’t want to listen to what they were forewarned.

As a thief the Day will come and take men by surprise,
And the Lord in all His glory will appear before their eyes.

He that soweth to the flesh, to the flesh will reap corruption,
For the only thing he’ll harvest will be his own destruction.

Every knee will humbly bow, every mouth will then confess,
That Jesus Christ is Lord, all nations will profess.

Theres still hope for you o’ sinner if this day you will repent
His mercy will be found if with your heart you will lament.

Prepare to meet your Maker, do it now without delay.
We’re not promised a tomorrow, put your faith in Him today.

If the message of the gospel you continue to deny,
You will be among the foolish who will sound the midnight cry.

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