Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 15 Reasons Why My Kids Love Homeschool

Today I asked my kids why they love homeschool. I was pleased to hear their response! When we first began homeschool my daughter was against it, but has had a change of heart.  She even plans to homeschool her children if that is what God calls her to do! That makes this mama's heart happy.


                                        Rylan- 8 , Ellie- 3

1. I don’t have as much homework.

2. I don’t have to sit at a desk all day.

3. I get to practice life skills such as cooking, etc.

4. I actually have time to practice my piano and guitar.

5. I get to work at my own pace in Math.

6. I don’t have as many distractions while I’m trying to do my work.

7. Sometimes we get to sleep in.

8. I get to be home with my family and enjoy spending time with them.

9. We get to do fun stuff!

10. I get to enjoy the outdoors more.

11. I can get up and get a drink when I want to.

12. I get to work ahead on my assignments for the week.

13. I have time to read more books.

14. We sometimes get to stay up late.

15. We get to read our Bibles every morning.

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