Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do You Have Dry Bones?

Just a few posts back I posted how God spoke to me this week through Ezekiel 37.  Today I got a monthly newsletter from Times Square Church by Carter Conlor. The entire devotional was based out of Ezekiel and was exactly what God has been speaking to me!! I just love how God uses scripture to build our faith!
I posted the link below this post for you to read so you can be encouraged.  If you are a mother who is going through a dry spell in your spiritual walk please know that the only way to become revived is through the Spirit of the Living God.  We don't need more uplifting sermons, more encouraging friends, more personal time away from the kids-  we need JESUS! Not that those other things are bad, but we have to remember that the Source of our life is Jesus Himself. 
Spend time in prayer and ask God to revive your heart, to bring life to your dry bones.  It's easy to get discouraged by all the evil that is going on in this world, our trials, and seasons in our life that make us feel we will never make it through, but the moment we look to Jesus and keep our eyes fixed on Him we are filled with peace, joy, hope, love and our dry bones will begin to live again so our lives can be a living testimony that dead bones can be brought to life through Jesus Christ!


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