Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Makes a Good Father, Mother, and Sister- From an 11 Year Olds Perspective

Today in our homeschool my daughter was supposed to write a short essay on what makes a good mother.  She not only wrote about what makes a good mother, but a good father and sister as well.  My daughter Emma is 11 years old.  I thought I would share what an 11 year old considers to be a good father, mother, and sister with you.  My favorite part was the part where the mother doesn't depend on what's in her checkbook whenever her family needs something, but goes to prayer and depends on God.  This was very convicting.  I definately need to do this more.  I love being able to watch my 11 year old daughter mature into a beautiful Godly woman of God.  I thank God that He is helping my daughter grow in grace each day and pray He continues to do so. 
What makes a Good Father
  What makes a good father is someone who loves his family and puts the Lord first, others second , and Himself last. He provides for his family and is the spiritual leader of his home. He disciplines his children when needed, and gets things done. He makes sure to do devotions as a family each day, and teaches his children about God. He makes sure to raise his sons to grow up to be good spiritual men. He takes his family to church each Sunday. He is a good example to his children. This is what makes a good father.

                                What Makes a Good Mother

  What makes a good mother is someone who truly loves and cares for her children. She puts the Lord first, others second, and herself last. What makes a good mother is not someone with success and money, it’s someone with love and care. She dies to herself each day and lives for the Lord and her family. She prays for her family, and is a mother who loves to be at home with her family not always on the go. She disciplines her children when needed. She is a homemaker and loves to spend time in the kitchen. J When she and her husband tithe it’s out of their heart not to look good. When they are needing something she doesn’t turn to her checkbook for help, she prays. She always makes time for the little things, and does her best to do devotions each day as a family. She make sure to raise her daughters to be good spiritual mothers, and she is an example to her children. This is what makes a good mother.


   What Makes a Good Sister
  What makes a good sister is someone who loves her siblings. She is an example to them; especially if she’s older than them because they will follow in her footsteps. She helps her parents as much as possible, and she is someone who can always listen to her siblings secrets.J If her siblings need help with something she will always help them. If someone is being rude to her siblings she will always stick up for them even if the ones being rude are her friends. If one of her siblings are scared she will help them and comfort them. This is what makes a good sister.

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