Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Children are Blessings

Children are a blessing, or so we Christians claim,
But when others are expecting we give them looks of great disdain.

“Don’t you know what causes babies?”
“Don’t you know how much they cost?”
“Think of all your talents that will now be lost.”

Children are a blessing, yet we end fertility,
Fear and selfishness leads to our sterility.

We would rather have our freedoms and not give up our “rights“,
Instead of children being treasures, they are seen as parasites.

We lift our voice against abortion with self-righteous attitudes,
But refuse to bear more children, with no sense of their value.

We do everything we can to prevent another blessing,
While we are judging others, it is us who needs confessing.

Maybe if we valued children as a gift from our good Lord,
We wouldn’t see an inconvenience, but from Him a great reward.

The Lord we serve is mighty, He is God of all creation.
Mothers, we are called to raise up godly generations.

By: Kristin Eason

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