Saturday, June 11, 2016

How Much News Should We Pay Attention To?

I just loved reading this article this morning and thought it was worth sharing!

"The news makes us think life is so unstable that the sun and the earth could collide any day; that the economy is collapsing.
We cannot be the light of the home to anyone when our minds are clouded over with the latest bad news. The news affects our emotions, and robs us of a sense of well-being.
News reports keep people in a constant state of anxiety, and like the yellow journalism of the past, not everything they report can be proven. Some reports, even from conservative news media, are designed to get a desired response from people. When you read or hear a broadcast, think for a moment what it makes you feel like doing. Does it make you want to live a life of praise, or does it make you feel despair?
We know the Bible teaches that Christians should not be anxious all the time, especially about things they can never solve or never control.
The Gospel of Christ is the good news; the national news media dispenses the bad news.
With your mind weakened by the news, you can be controlled by the power of pessimism, rather than the Holy Spirit of the Bible.
The Bible is the good news. Reading it gives health and life and balance to the mind. Popular news is the bad news most of the time and a diet of it can create depression.
Life is like a vacation that ends too soon. It is just too short to waste time on the always-changing news that will re-play bad memories in your mind. Why not read and listen to God's words that are the same yesterday, today and forever, and have sweet dreams and pleasant thoughts, free from this world's anxiety?
The news wants you to be addicted to it because it is designed to make you respond in a certain way by protesting something, paying for something, praying for something, etc.
Think how different it would be for your mind and ultimately the way you live, if the Bible was your news. If you had Philippians 4:8 running through your mind instead of news, and if you substituted prayer for news (or thoughts of news) you would have a different perspective on life."

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