Monday, April 10, 2017

To Leave The House With Children

To Leave the House
By: Kristin Eason

“To leave the house you must finish your plate,
Hurry up and eat or we’re gonna be late!”

To leave the house I must wash their face,
Find the keys that I misplaced.

To leave the house I must pack and plan,
As I race through the house like a crazy madman.

To leave the house all teeth must be brushed,
The hair must be combed, and the children all rushed.

To leave the house they must all be dressed-
Try to make them look their best.

To leave the house is hard to do,
When I can’t find a match to anyone’s shoes.

To leave the house is like plucking a goose,
Corralling a bull or catching a moose.

To leave the house with many a child
Is enough to make a mother go wild.

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