Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blessed Motherhood

Thought I would share a poem I wrote this morning about motherhood. Hope it makes sense. :)

Blessed Motherhood

A calling so sacred that few seem to see

The impact of souls for eternity.

The training of minds in the way of the Lord

Is often by mothers and fathers ignored.

The time with our children will quickly pass by

The beauty of motherhood so many deny.

Children are gifts, not burdens we bear

The joys of mothering, the world can’t compare.

Each child is given a mother of his own,

No one else can love your child like you alone.

Women’s been fighting for freedom since the fall,

freedom from building well within our own walls.

We want recognition, status, and college degrees

We forget that this life isn’t “all about me“.

To mother a child demands your life,

As well as serving the Lord and being a wife.

The noble task of motherhood I pray you embrace

With the help of the Lord who will give you the grace.

No influence so greater, unlike any other,

Is she with a vision whom God blessed as mother.

Poem shared at Raising Homemakers.


  1. this is so sweet and beautifully written, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank-you for the kind comment!



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