Friday, February 10, 2012

Heart of Home

Lord, let our house be something more
Than just a shelter with a door;
May it's windows glow with light;
Shedding radiance through the night.
Not just a glitter of glass and chrome,
But give it the "feel" of a happy home.
Let it have flowers, a well-loved book,
Soft cushions in a quiet nook.
May it be more than downy bed,
Or snowy cloth with silver spread;
Lend it some smiles, warm sympathy,
With kindly thought, true charity-
That all may recall, though far they roam,
That God was there- in the heart of home.

Christine White


  1. I love your new blog name =) I changed my newsletter title at the start of the year, to Home Grown, based on the very same Scripture verse!

  2. Thank-you! The name came to me last night when I was in bed. :) I thought of "Homegrown Children... rooted in Christ". My old blog name Homespun Children didn't really fit me and I wanted to keep my blog Bible based so this is perfect! God bless your family! Kristin



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