Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Updates List of Curriculum 2012-2013

Hard to believe this will be our 2nd year of homeschooling! This year I plan to simplify our curriculum and make sure we don't jump from one thing to the next.  Last year I had information/curriculum overload! I'm learning that I need to keep out ONLY the curriculum we are using at the time or I get overwhelmed.
It's kind of funny, we are only in our 7th week of homeschooling and I have already changed some of our curriculum from my original post. I guess that's the beauty of homeschooling! ;) Here is the curriculum we are currently using:

6th grader:

Bible: Individual devotions in the morning and family devotions in the evening. We also read a Proverbs a day before bed with daddy.  There are usually 31 days in a month and 31 Proverbs. Weekly memory verses taken from Seeds Worship cd's, which I LOVE! This website has free printables that go along with the cd's! I laminated them to leave on our refrigerator.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 7
I can't say enough about this program! If you have a little one that struggles in Math, this is the program for you! My daughter went from struggling/barely surviving in Abeka grade 5 Math to excelling and begging to do Math lessons just for fun! She was able to finish TT6 last year in 5th grade! The program comes with cd's that you install on your computer with each lesson, a workbook, and an answer book. You have the choice to use the cd's or just the workbook. We chose to use the cd's that walks my daughter through each problem.

History/Geography: Abeka Geography and History biographies (Charlotte Mason approach)

Language: This year we are ditching the workbooks and going Charlotte Mason style: Narration, Dictation, Copywork. We also use Spelling City which I highly recommend! For reading we just choose different books that spark our interest. Right now my daughter is reading Beautiful Girlhood, a book I can't recommend enough if you have a daughter! My daughter says she doesn't like reading, but this book has kept her attention.

Science:  Lyrical Science and Usbourne's book of Science

Music: private piano and guitar lessons

Typing: Typing Instructor for Kids

3rd grader:

Bible: Individual devotions in the morning and family devotions in the evening. Weekly memory verses.

Math: Teaching Textbooks 4

History/Geography: Abeka Geography, History biographies, Drive Thru History dvd's.

Language/Grammar/Vocabulary: We are simplifying this year and using dictration, narration, and copywork for our Language program. I feel the kids are learning more from this natural approach than the tedious worksheets we are used to. For reading we are using the Abeka readers for grade 3 and 4.

Science: Abeka

Health: Developing Good Health- Abeka

Music: We plan to start guitar this year.

Typing: Typing Instructor for Kids

I'm considering getting a Spanish curriculum using Switched on Schoolhouse. Haven't made up my mind yet.

3 year old Preschool:
Answers in Genesis full curriculum

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