Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top Fifteen Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling My Children

1.  Because this is what God has called me to do!
2.  I enjoy having my children home.
3.  I get to spend more quality time with each child.
4.  My children are learning life skills- how to manage a house, how to keep up a garden, how to  care for  livestock (goats, chickens, ducks, bunny), etc.
5.  I get to see my children's academic and spiritual progress for myself.
6.  I get to customize our curriculum so it is perfectly suited for each child.
7.  We have grown closer to the Lord as a family.
8.  We have learned how to work as a team- everybody does their share of work around the house.  Instead of my children complaining about working like they used to, they love to work because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.  My daughter will help clean up the kitchen without even being told. 
9.  My children are learning how to think for themselves instead of falling prey to peer pressure.
I've watched my daughter become less materialistic when it comes to clothing.  She is content with what she has and chooses her clothing based on what the Lord wants her to wear, not her friends.
10. It's soooooooo much cheaper! In fact, it is possible to homeschool for FREE! We choose to purchase our own books and curriculum, but it's nice to know that their is an unlimited amount of free resources available if need be. 
11. No more homework that takes up our entire evening. This is a big one! My daughter used to spend hours doing homework while we could have been spending time as a family.  She was only in the 4th grade at the time.
12. Less stress on my kids. They can relax and do their work with limited distractions.  They don't have to study for a big test that makes or breaks their grade.  I remember my daughter having a test that could drop her grade by two letter grades. This was 4th grade Science! I can maybe see that in a college setting, but not elementary. 
13.  We can spend more time studying the things we are most interested in.
14.  We can develop musical talents.  My daughter hated practicing her piano. Every evening I would have to make her practice. I finally let her quit piano until school was finished that year. With the amount of homework she had, she didn't have the time.  After we began homeschooling, she gladly took up piano and I can gladly say that I've never once had to remind her to practice.  I hear practicing her piano off and on for hours a day.  She has a love for music- piano, guitar, and singing.  She gets to develop her gift in that area to glorify God. 
15.  My children don't have to be exposed to the filth that is in most schools today.  I'm not sheltering my children, I am protecting them.
 It's not easy being my child's primary teacher, but it's so rewarding.  I would have never chosen this path for myself.  God literally picked me up and placed me on the path of homeschool, and for that I'm so very thankful.


  1. We also opted for a paid curriculum but I agree, homeschooling is far cheaper - I have 4 children and with all the online resources and our library - I think if I was really strapped for cash I could make it work.
    I also have made my own list of reasons I homeschool(, because I felt the needed to remind myself when things are not running so smoothly. Its a path less travelled or not travelled at all for some. And having this list helped me to clarify in my mind, why I do it.

  2. Hi Kristin -

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love hearing and reading about other pregnant mommas!

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    P.S. - I love your reasons!!



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