Thursday, September 13, 2012

Be Still Mother

 Life as a mother is seldom easy.  We will never fulfill our calling of motherhood, discipling our children, and living a holy life without moment-by-moment dependance on Christ.  If you choose to neglect something during your day, don't let it be your prayer time. Prayer isn't burdensome, it is a necessity. Truly, without Christ we can do nothing. Just as we put on clothes each morning, it's even more important to put on Christ as we begin each day.  Thought I would share a short poem I wrote this afternoon:

Be Still Mother

Kneel at the well, quench the thirst of your soul,
For the cares of this life each day take it’s toll.

From the children who wake on the wrong side of bed,
To the mouths waiting anxiously from their mother to be fed.

Don’t think you are sufficient apart from morning prayer,
Or you’ll end each day defeated and have a spirit of despair.

Acknowledge the grand calling to raise these souls for Christ,
Die daily to your flesh and live a life of sacrifice.

Cast your cares upon the Lord and you’ll find sufficient grace,
For trials and tribulations those in Christ must face.

Pray to your Heavenly Father; seek wisdom from above,
Be filled with His sweet Spirit, complete in perfect love.

Apart from Christ we’re nothing and our work will be in vain,
If prayer is oft’ forgotten and in Christ we don’t remain.

When the voices of this world say you don’t have time to still,
That’s when we make the choice to die to flesh and choose to kneel.

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  1. Thank you for this, it is very encouraging and timely!



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