Sunday, February 26, 2017

Once Upon a Time...Before Technology

Once Upon a Time… Before Technology
By: Kristin Eason

Once upon a time before the smart phone craze,
Children romped and skipped about and sunshine filled their days.
Now children hate to be outside- they’d rather text and tweet,
“Leave me alone, I’m on my phone” - no children in the streets.

Once upon a time before the cyberspace,
Books were found upon one’s lap, now ipads in their place.
Now children who once liked to read now find it such a bore,
Since Instagram and Pinterest came knocking at their door.
Now life is filled with selfies and playing on Xbox,
No time for climbing trees; no time for skipping rocks.

Once upon a time a child’s skin was brown,
From playing and exploring outside until sundown.
Now children’s skin is pasty white, their eyes bloodshot and red,
From spending hours behind closed doors and lying on their beds.

Once upon a time children learned to work,
Now they hide behind a screen- their chores they try to shirk.
When they look back on their childhood, what will they one day see?
Will they feel they have been cheated and lack in memories?

Once upon a time a child showed respect,
But years spent on an iphone- what do you expect?
When told to speak to elders, they don’t know what to say,
Years wasted on an ipad is time they’ve thrown away.

Once upon a time families were a team,
Now good old-fashioned fun is outdated and extreme.
Now children are a bother so the parent’s do not mind,
If their child lives behind a screen and is often hard to find.

Once upon a time families gathered round the table,
Yes, this really happened; family life is not a fable.
The family was a unit; together they would live,
Communing face to face not through media taken captive.

Once upon a time parent’s did what they thought best,
They didn’t care what others thought or if the kids protest.
Don’t starve the hearts of children feeding them technology,
For the world’s a smorgasbord and the best in life is free.

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