Monday, July 3, 2017

One Thing is Needful- A Reminder to Live for the Eternal

The cares of this life is dangerous when it means neglecting our relationship with the Lord. Don’t labor for the bread that perishes and neglect feeding the soul, which will live forever. Be like Mary, who chose the good part, choosing the eternal over the temporary, and chose to take time to sit at the Lord’s feet. Don’t let yourself get so busy serving the Lord that you sacrifice your relationship with the Lord. When work and service is highly esteemed and the spiritual life forgotten, we cannot fulfill God’s will for us- to be conformed to the image of Christ. We can only be conformed as we take the time to read and study His Word and be faithful in prayer seeking His face before all things. Serving the Lord with little to no fellowship with the Lord is fruitless and vain.

One thing is needful. (Luke 10:42)

Martha was distracted.

Mary chose the good part.

What will you choose- the temporary or eternal?

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