Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cultivating Relationships

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A-Wise-Woman-Builds-Her-HomeIf someone asked us what's most important to us we would probably answer RELATIONSHIPS- our relationship with the Lord, our children, our husband, friends, and family. If we truly believed relationships are so important to us then why is it that we spend so little time cultivating them? It's not hard for us to spend time on the internet, keeping an orderly home, watching t.v, playing sports, or serving our family in the mundane tasks of motherhood, but when it comes to spending QUALITY time with those we love best we usually fall short. Most families never have time to develop relationships because they are over-commited to sports, music lessons, ministry opportunities, entertainment,and every other activity that comes their way. We need to simplify our schedules and weed out anything that hinders us from spending quality time with the Lord and our families. Even good things can be bad for us in particular seasons of our life. We need to be intentional with our time and use our time to invest in what matters most- relationships.

Ways to Cultivate Relationships Within the Family:

1. Eat at least one meal together as a family.
2. Make time to really LISTEN to your children.
How often do you sit and actually make eye contact with your children- laying aside all other distractions? Your children will not share their hearts with you if they feel they dont have your undivided attention.
3. Make family devotions a priority.
Start small. Set aside a few days a week for family devotions until you work up to everyday. Spending even 15-20 minutes a day reading scripture, praying as a family, singing hymns will change your family. When we first started doing family devotions it feel awkward, but over time it feels awkward if we miss a night of devotions. Most people do devotions over the supper table or before bedtime. Do what works best for your own family. There are days that life is crazy and we skip our devotions. We are still a work in progress in this.
4. Turn off the t.v., cell phones, and internet.
Trust me, you can do it! *wink*
5. Make "date" nights.
Not only with your spouse, but with each child. Once a month write a day on the calendar to spend a few hours individually with each child doing something they choose to do. Go out for icecream, take a walk, play a game, be CREATIVE!

Cultivating relationships is hard work, but always worth it!


  1. Kristin, OK you will not believe me when I tell you that just tonight at the PICNIC I was talking with a friend about this exact thing, relationships and what they mean when it comes to talking with people about Christ... Guess last week God was talking with both of us about witnessing and this week it's about relationships...

  2. It's pretty amazing how God works! Since we've started homeschooling I've realized how little time I've been spending cultivating relationships with my kids over the last several years. For me it's easier to serve and be busy than to sit and listen. I'm hoping I can start a new pattern with God's grace!



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