Friday, June 24, 2016

Could Have Missed

I am daily reminded how easily I could have missed out on having my last two blessings. I have had C-sections with all my children and was told by doctors that I needed to be done and that having another C-section with so much scar tissue could be life threatening. My husband and I both decided to sign a paper that gave the surgeons permission to tie my one tube that remained during the birth of our 3rd child to prevent any further pregnancies. During the surgery I heard the surgeon tell me that he was unable to tie my tube because I had so much scar tissue that he couldn't even find it to tie! I looked up at my husband and told him that it was alright. Right away I knew that God had intervened! Since that day we have added two more blessings to our family.

Could Have Missed

We almost didn’t have you precious ones.
We thought because of health that we would just be done.

But the doctor was unable to perform the surgery;
It was at that very moment that God planned differently.

We chose to trust the Master’s hand and put aside our fears;
A baby boy we welcomed after waiting several years.

We could have missed the fragrance that a newborn baby brings;
The way a baby listens when his mother to him sings.

We could have missed the snuggles while we watch our newborn sleep,
The thought of never knowing you makes my heart begin to weep.

We could have missed the toothless grins and playing pat-a-cake,
The sound of squealing in delight of seeing a snowflake.

We could have missed their tiny hands holding on to ours,
Or smiling when our little ones pick weeds and calls them flowers.

After seeing what we would have missed we’re reminded now each day;
That our life would be much different if we would have had our way.

Daily we are humbled by all we could have missed,
No longer ‘gainst God’s plan do we struggle and resist.

A baby girl we welcomed because God intervened,
Before she was created her days were all foreseen.

I know His ways are perfect, though not always understood.
I pray that I’ll be faithful in His gift of motherhood.

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